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Founded in 1911, The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is the territory' oldest university.  It enrolled its first cohort of students in 1912.  HKU has a distinguished academic heritage and has produced generations of graduates who have served the community and shaped the development of Hong Kong.  Today, the University is an internationally respected centre of intellectual learning and pioneering research discoveries.

The HKU undergraduate curriculum uses a 'learning-centred' or 'student-centred' approach, to enable students to take responsibility for developing, with appropriate academic advising, a full and rich programme of academic pursuits in various combinations of specialties and disciplines, coupled with diverse co-curricular experiences tailored for individual development and interests.

The University leads the way in terms of funding and awards from the government and support from the community, which in turn enables it to provide exceptional support services and facilities for its students.  HKU consistently attracts the best students in Hong Kong, and they are joined by around 9,700 students from around the world.  HKU has an established international network of universities and academic or research institutes – enhanced through active participation in such bodies as Universitas 21 and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities – and provides ample opportunities for all HKU students to have an international educational experience.

In addition to our international outlook, the University repeatedly secures a major share of competitive government funding for research, and leads the way in recently funded, cross-institutional projects.  HKU has the largest number of Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences/Engineering of any Hong Kong institution and holds a leading position in research output, both in the quantity of output and the number of citations.

To maximise the impact of the University' research, we focus development on key areas of proven and potential strength in issues critical to the advancement of Hong Kong, China, and the rest of the world.  These areas and themes reflect issues of local, regional and global concern, and bring together experts from different disciplines.

HKU aims to apply the outcomes of its research to enhance development and change lives, and encourages the application of its innovative findings through technology transfer and knowledge exchange, with dedicated personnel working in both these areas.

As we continue to build our international connections and standing, we want to offer you the opportunity of learning and growing with us.  HKU is dedicated to advancing learning, promoting intellectual exploration and producing informed, independent-thinking graduates who will be able to serve the local and global community.  Join us at HKU and take the first step on the road to success.