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The University of Hong Kong

Employment prospects for HKU graduates have always been good.  HKU is employers' preferred recruiting ground and CEDARS – Careers and Placement is devoted to preparing students for entry into the careers of their choice.  HKU's graduate employment rate was nearly 100% in the past ten years.  We enhance students' employability by providing tailored guidance and professional preparation programmes, collecting feedback from employers and following up closely on the development and trends in the job market.  We make it easy and fruitful for employers to recruit from HKU, ensuring that the University is a source of talent for many major employers.  In addition to local employment opportunities, we are on constant drive to develop new employment opportunities outside Hong Kong and make direct connection with employers in Mainland China, Japan, Singapore, and other parts of the world.  This further enhances the strategic image and position of HKU as a regional talent hub.

HKU graduates have diverse employment destinations.  While most graduates from professional disciplines enter the professions of their studies, graduates from general disciplines pursue careers in a wide range of fields.  In the past ten years, graduates from non-professional disciplines secured employment in over 50 different occupations.

2015 Bachelor's Degree Graduates – Employment Destination by Occupational Groups

Major Occupational Groups


Business Professionals


Medical and Health Workers


Teaching and Research Profession




Accountants and Auditors




Please see for detailed graduate employment statistics.