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Deadline for verification of other qualifications is extended to 13 April 2018 (5:00 pm).  Please click here for details.

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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) was founded in 1991, with a mission to promote the advancement of society by creating new knowledge and nurturing global leaders and innovators. We have achieved a strong global reputation and shot up in global rankings (30th, QS Top University Rankings 2018) with record breaking speed. 


HKUST is a university with five Schools enrolling around 14,200 students, of which over 9,300 are undergraduates. The Schools of Science, Engineering, Business and Management, and Humanities and Social Science offer undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. 

World Class Faculty

When you study at HKUST, you learn from the best. All of our faculties are doctorate holders, mostly from leading institutions around the globe, and regularly receive international awards in recognition of their groundbreaking research. Inspired by how the faculty members maximize their potentials, HKUST students follow their footsteps and extend the University's reputation with successful careers around the world.

Undergraduate Programs

The HKUST education is designed to help students capture the infinite possibilities in them. The curriculum is structured to help them thrive and maximize their potential.

Students are offered the flexibility to enter a major program either at the point of admission or select one after two or three semesters.

Irrespective of their chosen pathway, all first year students will take foundation courses and Common Core courses. Major program studies usually begin in the second year.

University Common Core

The Common Core Program is an integral component of the undergraduate curriculum and aspires to provide students a balanced and comprehensive education. 

Students are required to take 36 out of 120 credits in the following broad core areas of University Common Core courses.
  - Humanities (6 credits)
  - Social Analysis (6 credits)
  - Science and Technology (6 credits)
  - Quantitative Reasoning (3 credits)
  - Core Electives (6 credits)
  - English Communication (6 credits)
  - Chinese Communication (3 credits)
  - Health Lifestyle (Non-credit)

Academic Advising

A comprehensive academic advising scheme is put in place in each School to assist students in identifying and achieving their academic, professional and personal goals.

It is a "walk-with-you" journey, which dedicated mentors will assist them to acquire valuable learning experiences. Students may seek advice from Faculty Advisors, Counselors, peer mentors at different stages of their studies.