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In the 2014 Policy Address, the Chief Executive has announced a series of initiatives to broaden the opportunities for local students to receive higher education.  A new subsidy scheme is introduced starting from the 2015 – 2016 academic year to subsidise up to 1,000 students per cohort to pursue designated full-time locally-accredited self-financing undergraduate programmes in selected disciplines to nurture talents to meet Hong Kong's social and economic needs.  The SSSDP aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. to increase the supply of subsidised undergraduate places by leveraging on the supply of the self-financing sector;

  2. to nurture talent in support of specific industries with urgent or keen demand for human resources;

  3. to encourage the self-financing education sector to offer programmes in selected disciplines that meet Hong Kong's social and economic needs by providing targeted financial support; and

  4. to support the healthy and sustainable development of the self-financing post-secondary education sector to complement the University Grants Committee-funded sector in broadening and diversifying study opportunities.

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